The change education needs

I completely recommend watching the lecture done by Ken Robinson on education. I believe the educational system needs a huge change for the better. As sir Robinson says, education should adapt to society and be more individualized.
Society is evolving constantly, so education should do the same. Moreover, it is a system created for the masses not for individuals. Every person has his or her own passions and interests. Treating people as if they were equal is killing creativity in some way. Ken Robinson also focuses on the important role of teachers and learners. He defines them as the pillars of education.

Creativity at workplace

After reading this great article about creativity at workplace, I felt that I had to share it. I totally agree with the author, hierarchies and pressure at work kill creativity. what do you think?

My first post :)

Hi everyone! It’s been a really long time after I finally decided to create my blog. I’m not 100% sure what it is going to be about, but I hope to write about things that I’m interested in to be able to inform you and to discover also new information.

First of all I would say that I am an English teacher in a small language school located in the town I am from, which is Amposta. I’m keen on reading information about the different teaching methodologies that are used nowadays in different schools in the world. I would also like to improve my English, since it is not my mother tongue. And, although I am an English teacher, and I am “supposed” to be an expert on the field, it is obvious that I’m not like a native speaker. One of my objectives is to get the Cambridge Proficiency English test, to get the most advanced level of language that exists.

I absolutely adore music. I like listening to the new tracks that are released, and it is another way of practicing English too since I like to understand what the lyrics say. It is difficult for me to define the exact type of music that I like the most because I like everything!

I also love animals, and above all of them, my pets that are two guinea pigs. I’ve got a male and a femal and they are absolutely adorable! I hope to download a photo of them in the future. 

There are many more things that I am interested in, but I thing that if I should explain all of them it would be a post too long. I hope that blogging is a good experience for me, and I can learn new things every day!